Venaseal Closure System

Venaseal is an advanced technique to treat varicose veins, the problematic veins are infused with a specially developed glue.

When you are reading this article, it is a safe assumption to make that you are searching for best treatment options for someone suffering from Varicose Veins.

This article aims to provide you unbiased information on one of the latest Varicose Vein treatment options – Venaseal Closure System. After reading this article you will not only have knowledge about Venaseal but also know right questions to ask your treating doctor, if its suitable for you.

Varicose Vein is a medical condition of veins in which the normal functioning of some veins (mostly in legs) is affected resulting in obstruction of blood flow to the heart. This results in blood pooling up in the veins making them bulging, swollen, discoloured, weak and painful.

All the treatment options for varicose veins, from historically used surgical method of vein stripping to the most successful modern minimally invasive Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLT)/Radio Frequency Ablation (RFA), aim to make the diseased veins redundant by removing (surgical) or closing them via various techniques and routing the blood flow via other veins.

Venaseal is also one of the non-surgical techniques like EVLT/RFA where in the diseased veins are closed via a minimally invasive approach.

Is there no requirement of Compression Stockings after Venaseal Procedure?
While it is claimed that use of stockings is not required, it is not the actual scenario. Most patients will need use of compression stockings as required.

EVLA/EVLT Procedure

EndoVenous Laser Ablation Treatment (EVLA/EVLT) – The Gold Standard Treatment for Varicose
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