Our Background

Firstly, “Endovascular” refers to the advanced niche medical field in which treatment of vascular diseases is provided by an intravascular route (literally meaning to navigate into a blood vessel and treating from within) i.e. by using minimally invasive technique to correct problems related to blood vessels which traditionally have been treated with the use of risky & complicated surgical procedures mostly involving complete removal of affected blood vessel.

Endovascular Clinic is a medical awareness project undertaken by expert medical professionals to bring awareness in common people about various developments in the field of Endovascular therapy.

Endovascular Therapy is a relatively new approach of treatment of Vascular diseases in the medical field. Due to very few doctors specialised in the field, the sufficient and appropriate knowledge and awareness about the same is lacking not only among the common people, but medical professionals too.

With the advancement in medical technology treatment of various diseases like Varicose veins, Peripheral Vascular diseases, Uterine Fibroids, Varicocele, Deep vein Thrombosis etc. is available without surgery with the use of endovascular approach adopted by highly trained Interventional Radiologists. The approach has better success rates in many cases compared to conventional surgical treatments and is identified as preferred and primary approach by various global medical associations of repute like National Institute of Health & Care Excellence (UK).

Endovascular Clinic is an initiative with a mission to provide valuable information to the patients to enable them to make informed decision. We believe that patients have the right to be informed about various treatment options available and choose less risky, less expensive, and effective treatment option.

At Endovascular Clinic, we would be happy to answer any of your queries regarding vascular diseases, in consultation with experts from the field, for free / without any cost.