Comparison Of (EVLT) And VenaSeal

A comparison between two major treatment options Endo-venous Laser Ablation treatment (EVLT) & VenaSeal

Below is an attempt to compare the two highly effective global techniques of varicose vein treatment. Patient should consult with an expert doctor for the most effective treatment option available for specific patient.


Comparison EVLT / EVLA VenaSeal
Minimally Invasive Yes Yes
Anesthesia Required? Local anesthesia application Depends on patient condition. Mostly not required
Requires Admission? Not necessary Not necessary
Procedure Success Rate Considered as Gold Standard Technique. Enough long-time empirical studies to establish higher than 99% success rate. High Success rate but since its very new technology – long term studies are unavailable
Technique Uses heat to collapse the vein. No external substance used Uses specially formulated medical glue to seal the vein
Symptoms Relief Patient experience relief from pain very fast In many cases, relief is immediate
Recovery Period Routine Chores can be resumed in few hours Relatively shorter recovery period
Cost Inexpensive – Being relatively new technique, not recognized under many insurance policies Expensive – Being relatively new technique, not recognized under many insurance policies

Post Procedure Care

Minimal care is recommended in both cases specific to patient needs.

Suitable for ageing patients or with Co-morbidities like Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Heart Disease etc.

Both Procedures have been conducted on all types of patients. Such risks are patient specific and should be discussed with the treating doctor.